We are here for you if you need to

    • attract high-quality target traffic – we will help you find users interested in your content

    • increase the website reach – we know how to help you gain many more readers than you have now

    • make your brand more recognizable – we will help you stand out

Traffic purchase

Покупка трафика

Вам нужны реальные посетители на сайт, которые расширят ядро ресурса, увеличат продажи, сделают более популярным бренд? Тогда эта услуга для Вас! Мы продаем – Вы покупаете!
    • We analyze your audience and pick out related partner websites with relevant content.

    • Your news items are broadcast in widgets installed on website pages.

    • Their users click the ad and are redirected to your website.

Traffic exchange

Обмен трафиком

Удобный, быстрый, а главное - бесплатный способ значительно расширить аудиторию сайта
  • Join our broad advertising network and attract new visitors to your website.

  • Moreover, you get more visitors than you “give away.”

how does it work?

Как это работает?

    • We analyze your website in terms of content, location, potential audience and individually pick out suitable resources among out partners.

    • We promote the most interesting pages of your website in our partner network.

    • In your turn, you place a news block on your website with partner news announcements. Thus, you exchange only relevant traffic.

Всего три простых шага

Вы можете настроить блок, максимально адаптированный к дизайну Вашего сайта, либо мы можем Вам в этом помочь.


Зарегистрируйте свой сайт на сервисе traffim.com.

Настроить виджет

Создайте и настройте для нового сайта информер (блок для показа новостей и/или рекламных объявлений).


Получите код блока и установите на свой сайт.

Требования к сайтам партнеров

Регистрируясь, вы подтверждаете своё согласие с офертой

Dear partners!
With the aim of providing advertisers with traffic of high quality and participants of the network with higher income, Traffim uses preliminary moderation of advertising platforms. The moderator will check out the platform you have added and confirm the registration only if it meets the requirements of traffim.com. During business hours, the moderation only takes a few minutes.

Please, pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Hosting: your website should not be on a free hosting.
  • Traffic: the website must have web counters installed. The statistics must be openly accessible. The traffic of your website must exceed 1000 users / day.
  • Content: the website must contain quality content in Russia or Ukrainian.
  • Prohibited: offensive or pornographic content, advertising of sex services or goods as well as materials that violate the law.

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